I went to my college reunion this spring and  I was amazed that the place was busting with a kind of spring beauty that almost made me dizzy. Of course it’s possible that the weekend-long heat wave was also a factor.  Many of my memories of college are of the mental acrobatics required  just to keep up my end of the conversation, with my amazing and challenging classmates and professors. To this day I have anxiety dreams about exams at that place! but I actually loved burying myself  in my books and so I was in the right place.  I guess that’s why I completely forgot to bring my camera. But, I always think of my photography as coming from my gut; and  I usually shoot what is around me, making chance, and dealing with what you are dealt, a part of how my photos are created.  Luckily I had my trusty iPhone; so I was able to record what today’s me saw, where yesterday’s me didn’t have the time to look up from her book.

© Meryl Salzinger Photography 2016