First Post

My day job takes me to so many places that most people never see. I'm not talking about glamorous or exotic locations, but about the roads and train tracks leading out of New York;  to the suburbs or to to the airports where being stuck in a bus, in traffic, in the rain, with my iphone can mean the discovery of  an image that  takes my breath away.   Since I'm really not a driver (translation - I grew up in New York City and didn't get my license till I was 25!), I'm always on public transportation or in the passenger seat, where I have my hands free to capture my own version of what I pass on my way to my day.  My photography has always been about taking pictures  where I find myself, not going to a specific place to make a preconceived image.  This blog is about teasing the art out of the everyday - I hope you enjoy it!

IMG 0484

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